Happy Monday!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another week is upon us, but in this case... HAPPY JUNE! This doesn't really change anything in my life, except maybe the amount of times I have to wash my work clothes. I'm like, the Queen of sweating. It'll probably quadruple once we get into the 90's & 100's. I'm already sweating just thinking about it *cringes* Okay, let's stop talking about sweat.
"Hey Mariah, what did you post today on your blog?"
"My Monday post. It was all about sweat. It was awesome."

Read Last Week
Descent by Tara Fuller
DNF Awake by Natasha Preston (posted a review on Goodreads, I'll leave the link here if any of y'all wanna see it)

Currently Reading
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

To Read
Got a box set of the first three books in The Selection series SO YOU KNOW I'LL BE READING THAT NEXT *happy dances around the room*

I also ordered Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which I did at work. I only had to press 3 buttons until it was ordered and didn't even need to type in my card number. Damn you Barnes & Noble for being so accommodating!!! But it's the fancy 20th anniversary edition, which is a beautiful red and gold hardback. I also have a weird feeling its one of those cool plush hardbacks, where it's not completely hard but a little.. squishy? Does that make any sense? Can you tell I haven't finished my coffee yet?

Happy readings :)

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