Top Ten Characters I'd Like To Check In With

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This meme is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish

Rose Hathaway
I know we get scenes of Rose in the Bloodlines series, but I'm talking Rose in her 20's. How's Lissa and Christian? What other laws has she passed? Are they married? ARE YOU AND DIMITRI MARRIED? Tell me about your craziest guardian stories! Where do you live? Does it look like that one fantasy you had in Blood Promise?

Juliette Ferrars
Let's cut the crap. I just want to hear about you and Warner. Aaron. Whatever you call him. PLEASE.  I WANNA HEAR ALL THE CUTE STORIES AND THE DATES AND THE CHRISTMASES AND THE THANKSGIVING'S. I should be courteous here; have you reconnected with your parents? How's Kenji doing? Has he found a pretty little lady to finally appreciate him? Is Adam still creeping on quiet girls?

Tessa Grey (while married to Will)
I know we got their little life story in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess (I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT) but since I know the ending, I wanna hear about everything that happened in-between. Did Will finally teach you self-defense? Is he still afraid of ducks? Hows Gideon and Sophie? And Gabriel and Cecily? Who got married first? Oh oh and how's Charlotte and Henry doing?! So many people I need to keep up with. Did you and Will find another book you both love? You better have a wicked cool library in your house!

Nikolai Lantsov
The day Leigh Bardugo writes a spin-off series from Nikolai's POV is the day I can die happy (along with one from Kenji, YOU HEAR ME TAHEREH MAFI?). Honestly I care about nothing else except this; did you find a Queen? Because I might know a girl who's been head over heels in love with you since you were a redhead and would gladly be your wife. All she asks for is chocolate and a library she can store all her books in. 

With the abrupt ending in the Death Cure, I want to know everything. How're you and Brenda? How Minho? Has he found someone yet? Has the island supplied you with everything you need? Where do you work? Is it scary knowing you're the first generation in a new world? No pressure or anything, right? 

Ruby Daly
What's it like finally feeling safe? To know you have a home, a family, and friends, and won't ever have to look over your shoulder again? It's gotta be amazing. How's Liam, Chubs, Zu, and Vida? Did you give Cole the proper burial and goodbye he deserved? Have you and Liam finally gone on an official date? You two should reenact the story Liam was talking about at the end of The Darkest Minds. That would be adorable! Are you helping with the child placement process? Have they set up places for orphaned kids? It's the least the damn government could do. 

Katy Swartz
If you follow Jennifer Armentrout on Wattpad you'll see that she's posted some stories in the Lux world. Some are just retelling's from Daemons pop (cause honestly who wouldn't want that??) but she also posted their wedding and Katy being pregnant. EVERY AUTHOR SHOULD TAKE NOTE. Hows the baby doing? Are you guys still in Colorado? What did you decide to do with your career? Is Daemon working? Is it bad that I can't actually see him working? Knowing him he's probably modeling or something. He could make big bucks from that. Hows Dee and Archur? Dawson and Bethany? 

Sydney Blake (thats her last name, right?)
I'm just picturing her and Ridge signing to each other and its making ME TEAR UP NOOOO STOP. How many more songs have you written? Is the band super famous now? Have you thought about sining alongside Brennan? How's Warren and Bridgette? Have you become a musician? Do you ever catch up with Maggie? Hows she doing?

Kylie Galen
Though I thought she was a little twit in the beginning of the Shadow Falls series, Kylie quickly grew on me with her major character development. So of course I want to catch up with her and her smokin' boy, Lucas. How're you two doing? Was the hotel room as romantic as you thought? Did all of Holidays predictions come true? And oh my god how's her kid? Is Burnett doing okay with it? I know he was nervous but I have total faith in him. Please tell me Dallas is with Steve. He probably had to work his ass off to get her, but in the end it totally would have been worth it. And Miranda and Perry? How're they doing? Ugh I miss camp. Have you controlled all your abilities? Kicked any more butt? (Not like Lucas would really let you)

And since I just finished this... Kate Quinn
Please tell me you and Andy are still together. He's literally the perfect specimen. Where did he go to college? Is he going to follow in his fathers footsteps? And speaking of fathers.. did yours run for presidency again? I hope so. He would be awesome. What did you end up doing with your career? Politics? You've definitely got the mind for it. How's Meg? Still teaching? And the siblings? I hope Gabe did something with his amazing artistic ability. And I could see Gracie being.. a lawyer. She's definitely strong enough for that. Hows Penny and her family? Do you and Andy look back fondly on the little scandal you two caused? I would frame the newspaper article and tell my kids "So this is how it all started.." 

Imaging the real conversations with these characters and what could have been was so much fun! What characters would you want to catch up with? 


  1. Really great picks! Yes, yes, yes on Warner. Okay, the whole Shatter Me gang. But mainly Warner. :)

    And Sydney and Ridge. OMG, I'm going to cry just thinking about it...

    Daemon and Katy were one of my picks, too. Beacuse there is no getting enough of them, right? How about JLA's announcement about more Daemon in December??? Eeeek!

    And Tessa and Will... okay, cue the waterworks.

    Really enjoyed your Top Ten! :)

    1. You know it's a good OTP when you want to cry just thinking about them. But the happy kind of tears because they're just that adorable and sweet! And yes I did!! Eep I'm so excited! Thank you :)

  2. YES to the VA/Bloodlines gang, YES to Tessa and Will, and YES YES YES to Nikolai. :) I want Nikolai to find love and happiness. Why can't he exist in real life??

    1. Woop! All these couples are making me so emotional ahh I'm glad other people agree! That's a question I literally ask myself everyday. Its not fair. I have such high expectations now, no boy will ever satisfy me *hair flip* *struts away with my books cause who needs 'em* ;)

  3. So I've only actually read The Maze Runner from your list this week, but I totally agree with you that I would love to check in with the gang. Not just to see hoe they are, but what there new little world is like. We never really got to see all that much of it at the end of the trilogy, so I would love to go back in like 5 years time and see how they have all settled in :) Happy Reading!

    1. I hope you didn't mind being spoiled! But yeah I would love to see how they're living, what they're doing, WHAT they live in. It sounds a little scary but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!