Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Richelle Mead
One of the few authors I've loved since I was young, and also my auto-buy and the author I own the most books from, Mead had to be my number one all time favorite author. Everything she writes is amazing and well-developed and hilarious and just awesome. Vampire Academy was one of the first fantasy books I really go into, and I think I can say that this story really honed in on my love for fantasy. KEEP DOIN' YOU, RICHELLE!

Sarah J. Maas
My love for this woman and her books no absolutely NO. BOUNDS. I think I've topped off my love for her some days and then she'll tweet something or post a picture or I'll just flip through Tog and it's all over. I'll be on the floor bemoaning how amazing she is and why haven't I met her yet and oh my god I CANT STAND THE WAIT FOR QUEEN OF SHADOWS AND HOLY GUACAMOLE MY PRE ORDER OF A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES BETTER COME IN THE DAY IT COMES OUT PLEASE GOD JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! This happens at least 2 or 3 times a week. But seriously y'all, her writing is flawless and her stories and characters are just BEAUTIFUL and she's also Jewish and gluten free. Clearly we're meant to be best friends. 

Lauren Oliver
One of the first ladies who's writing literally put me under a spell, Lauren Oliver is another auto-buy. I've read almost all of her books (I just need to get Rooms) and none of them have disappointed in the writing or quality department (kind of). They're lyrical and fluffy and give me goosebumps and make me feel like I'm floating on a cloud. I got to meet her at Yallwest and she complimented my clothes too, which, in my book, means she's golden. If you compliment my clothes I'll probably love you forever.

Jandy Nelson
Okay I had to put these two ladies next to each other because I love them for the same reason; their writing. Jandy is more imaginative, with more metaphors and similies, while Lauren is more realistic. But oh god Jandy's books.. they're straight up magical. Like thats the first word that pops into my head. They're magical and have a depth that sucks you in and completely smothers you, but in a really really REALY good way. I enjoyed being smothered my Jandy's books. I hope that makes sense. Maybe I should stop now. I, for one, don't have a magical way with words (as you can probably tell).

Leigh Bardugo
This woman deserves an award for the book hangover/sob fest I got from Ruin and Rising. I remember precisely how I finished the book, dropped it in my lap, and then stared into space for a good five minutes with tears streaming down my face, not believing that that was it. That I had to accept that sort of ending. That MY BABY NIKOLAI DIDNT GET HIS QUEEN *cries*. I met her at Yallwest and actually interrupted what she was saying BY HOLDING UP A FINGER AND SAYING "I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT I NEED TO SAY TO YOU." LMFAO. I didn't even realize how rude that was until later that night and I almost started crying. But she didn't seem to mind and we had a discussion on Nikolai that actually pulled her editor (publisher? I don't remember) and Marissa Meyer into it, and we were all rooting for her to write a story from Nikolai's pov. After that I saw her at a couple of panels and let me tell you. SHE'S FUCKING HILARIOUS. I mean seriously she had me in tears and I can totally see where Nikolai got his sense of humor. 

Cassandra Clare
I loved loved LOVED The Mortal Instruments when I was younger and it was still only 3 books. I managed to get one of my friends to read it and I remember the evil smile I had on my face when she called me bawling her eyes out about how Clary and Jace were siblings. The self-control I used during that conversation still to this day astounds me. For me, the Mortal Instruments is one of those books you look fondly at, but are not completely obsessed with. You don't love it. You don't hate it. It's just kind of "eh". But The Infernal Devices completely blew my expectations out of the water and I love those books with a fiery passion. PLUS, you realize that Cassie is literally a fucking genius. The time and effort it must have taken to plan this whole time frame out, to put clues into The Infernal Devices that would lead to revelations in City of Heavenly Fire, or vice versa (LIKE THE EPILOGUE IN CLOCKWORK PRINCESS) just.. BLOWS MY MIND, PEOPLE. I'm beyond excited for her upcoming books and can't wait to see how she strings all of them together. I bet once she's done with the Shadowhunters, theres gonna be this huge revelation that will make my brain explode.

Sara Raasch
Snow Like Ashes was the first book I read this year, and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better one. It kicked ass. Usually I only ever cry in scenes that are sad, but Raasch wrote a scene that was so beautiful and inspiring that I literally bawled my eyes out. Even thinking about it now I get goosebumps. The world is rich and colorful and her characters are strong and real. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? Plus she's so adorable on tumblr and seems like such a genuinely nice person. 

Maggie Hall
I have to thank Mrs. Hall for my sudden bout of wanderlust. I mean this woman literally changed the direction of my life. I was in a rut (which I still kind am in now) and everything just felt.. blah. And then I read her book and it was like the entire world just opened up for me. It never even crossed my mind that I should travel. I've got the money and the time. Why the hell not?! So in 3 and a half months I'll be traipsing across Europe. THANKS GIRL.
Besides her vivid writing that made me feel like I was literally in the book, the way she weaves her story with our history is absolutely fascinating. I was enthralled and gobbled it up. I NEED BOOK 2 PLEEEEASE.

Erika Johansen
I just finished her debut novel, The Queen of the Tearling, a few days ago. And WOW was I impressed. It was a breathe of fresh air in the usual YA (er NA? Adult? I don't know?) fantasy. Her writing was fantastic, the plot intriguing, and her characters were strong and very well flushed-out. I'm a big fan of books that narrate from multiple characters, and this one features some of the strangest yet interesting characters to read from. This was another kick-ass debut and I can't wait for the second book!

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Even though I've only read The Lux series, people rave and RAVE about her other books, and just her general awesomeness. And I LOVED The Lux series, so getting to her other books is a high priority for me. She literally is a machine; she whips out books like theres no tomorrow. And they all (from what I've read) seem to be different and new enough where it all doesn't blur into the same story over and over again. She has a wicked sense of humor and Katy and Daemon had me doubling over in laughter at some points. I have high expectations for her other stories! 

Who're your 10 top all time favorite authors? :)

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