Happy Monday!

Monday, May 2, 2016

What I read last week
I only read The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, which seriously makes me cringe because THAT'S ONLY ONE BOOK AND I HAD 7 WHOLE  DAYS. And what makes it worse was that I was in the middle of reading TDT. I didn't just start it that Monday. No, I was at least 100 pages deep. I think I struggled so much because I got really impatient at some points. I'm rereading the whole Raven Cycle series in preparation for The Raven King, so I obviously know what happens. So at some points I would be like mmmmm I LOVE YOU GUYS, BUT ALSO COULD WE HURRY THIS UP, PLZ AND THANK YOU. It was weird. And annoying.

Currently reading
I was granted an eARC of The Summer Games: Settling the Score by R.S. Grey, and I stopped my reread to finish that because it comes out today and I need to post my review this week. I'm about 100ish pages into it (I sense a theme going on here?) and am really enjoying it so far. I've only read one other piece of her work, Chasing Spring, which was more serious and emotional, so this is my first Rom Com of hers, and I've definitely not been disappointed. HELLO FREDRICK ARCHIBALD.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Steifvater. I don't know if I'll get to The Raven King this week, since I've got an extremely busy week: 3 days of school, 2 hair appointments (both at least an hour and a half long), 1 eyebrow appointment, 1 mani pedi, 1 trip to the mall for BEA outfits, 1 six-page paper, 1 geography exam, 1 set of notecards for said geography exam, and 3 days of work this weekend. I'm cursing whoever changed the dates for BEA to the week of my final exams. It's usually May 26th-28th, or something like that, and it's almost two weeks earlier than usual. 

Books I've obtained
The Raven King, The Scorpio Races, and the eARC of The Summer Games by R.S. Grey I mentioned I was reading right now!

Music I've been loving
Work From Home // Fifth Harmony
Sex // Cheat Codes
Raging // Kygo
True Colors // Zedd 
You Were Right // RUFUS DU SOL
This Is What You Came For // Calvin Harris
Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) // Andy Grammer
Let Me Love You // Arianna Grande
Colors (Audien Remix) // Halsey (LISTEN TO THIS, IT'S THE GREATEST REMIX EVER)
There Will Be Time // Mumford & Sons 
Somebody Else // The 1975

Posts I uploaded 
Happy Monday on 4/25

Life update
Well, as you saw in my "To-read" section, STRESS. I feel like everything has come down to this week, and if I don't survive it or fail to do something, everything will fall apart. But there is one bright spot: I started actually using VSCO cam to post pictures, instead of just using it to put filters on my photos for Instagram. So if anyone is interested in seeing a more personal side to my life, my username is mariahs96 (I'll link it here).


  1. Sorry to hear it's such a busy week! I hope you still manage to do some good reading!

    1. I've managed to fit in some reading time, thank god! But honestly it's so hectic this week because I'm terrible at time-management and scheduling things in advance.

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