Top ten bookish delights!

Monday, April 25, 2016

This meme is hosted by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish :)

1. Getting overcome by the feels
You know that moment where you're reading and all of the sudden you almost implode from the feels? Either your OTP finally kisses, or there was a huge plot twist, or someone says something really funny, and it all becomes too much. For me, it's like all my emotions had been slowly building up in my stomach, and it erupts. I have to put the book down and close my eyes and do a little shimmy and hold my breathe and clench my stomach and fists and just SIT THERE AND SILENTLY IMPLODE. I think to myself, "This book, this book, this fucking book is too much," and I just have to slowly calm down, still reeling from that moment of basically almost exploding all over the living room. 

2. The smell of books
Not every book smell the same to me. There's certain ones that have that book smell that most people seem to understand, and then other ones can have a slight variation. Some don't really have a smell at all. But those books that smell that smell, the bookish smell that I wish I could bottle up and dump all over my head, are my favorites. 

3. The sound of opening up a fresh hardback
It's like the cracking of logs in a fire; the little crack, snap that emits from a hardcover you just bought. It's a glorious feeling, and sometimes I wait a few seconds before opening it, letting my anticipation build up. It's almost as if the book is cracking and snapping in happiness. Like, "Thanks for buying me!!" 

That's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?  


6. The look of a well-worn book
I seem to be the only person on the planet that doesn't like to keep my books in pristine condition. That doesn't mean I go chucking my books around, purposefully banging them up, but I don't flip my shit if the spine cracks or a page gets ripped. I like the look of a well-worn book. That, to me, is the definition of a well-loved book. Now, don't start screaming bloody murder at me, alright? That's just my opinion. To me, that means they've often carried it around with them (when you put a book in some sort of bag, expect it to come out with some battle wounds), they've reread it multiple times, they've dog-eared the pages, they've underlined and highlighted their favorite pages. They're constantly touching it and moving it and accidentally dropping it and passing it to their friends and spilling things on it. Life happens, and it's impossible keep your beloved copy in pristine condition, unless you never touch it. And that, to me, is a shame. 

7. Plot twists that come out of left field and slam its fist into your gut
Those are THE BEST. There have been a couple books that have literally left me gasping for air, as if I was a fish out of water. I can be pretty dense sometimes, and don't usually try and figure out mysteries in books. I just go along with what the character learns. So, some plot twists (if I don't already guess them) kill me. One of my favorite memories is of me coincidentally drinking water just as I read a plot twist, choking on the water, then spitting it out all over my book. #goodtimes #WELLLOVED

What bookish things do you enjoy? Link your post down in the comments! :)


  1. These are all great. Maps are the best. I have books arriving later today and yes I can't wait to smell them and hear that sound when you first open their pages. Beautiful! My Top Ten

    1. Wohoo! I should've added book mail to mine, that's such a great feeling :)

  2. I love when book have you feeling everything! Whether it is laughing, or crying, I LOVE IT! Great Top Ten! :D
    My TTT.

    1. Exactly! You know an author is good when they can make you feel really strong emotions :) Thank you!

  3. Good list! I enjoy many of the same things you do too!

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

    Happy reading!!

  4. Great list!
    My TTT:

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