Mini Review: All We Have Is Now by Lisa Shroeder

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All We Have Is Now by Lisa Shroeder
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication Date: July 28th, 2015
Pages: 272
Song I Played While Reading: None
Rating: 2 stars

What do you do with your last day on earth?
Just over twenty-four hours are left until an asteroid strikes North America, and for Emerson and everyone else who didn’t leave, the world will end. But Emerson’s world already ended when she ran away from home. Since then, she has lived on the streets, relying on her wits and on her friend Vince to help her find places to sleep and food to eat.
The city’s quieter now that most people are gone, and no one seems to know what to do as the end approaches. But then Emerson and Vince meet Carl, who tells them he has been granting people’s wishes—and gives them his wallet full of money.
Suddenly, this last day seems full of possibility. Emerson and Vince can grant a lot of wishes in one last day—maybe even their own.

I've never read a "what would you do on your last day of Earth" type of book before where it's actually the last day of Earth. And I'm scared to read anymore because, god help me, this book was terrible. I listened to the last page and could barely hold back the eye-roll.
All We Have Is Now was unoriginal and boring. I hate how harsh that sounds, because I usually like to keep my reviews pretty polite, but those are seriously the only adjectives I could come up with. Everything was dull, from the characters and their banter, to the people they meet, and to the "life lessons" we learn. 
Everything the characters go through and do all seemed to childish and immature. Not in the way they handled it, but in what they did. This story is definitely aimed more towards a younger crowd. I would almost give this a PG rating but the main character swears sometimes. The ending was predictable and abrupt, barely giving us any closure with our characters. I wish we had gotten more so I could have felt even a little bit of affection towards them. Instead, I felt annoyed. An ending can really make or break a book for me, and this got knocked a full star because of that. 
Overall, if you're looking for an easy read with fluffy characters, then I suggest picking this up. Just because this wasn't my type of book doesn't mean it can't be yours!

(Picture and summary from Goodreads)

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