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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hi there!
I've been wanting to do a little post on all the books that I have, plus what my book cases look like, but I had to wait until I got my new one today. I only brought a suitcase full of books here to California, ones that I needed or couldn't part without. Little did I realize I could have brought like 20 more books, but that just means I can buy more now :)
These are my book cases back home! I made a post on this, but I'll do a little recap here. I moved to California a couple weeks ago, but we still haven't sold our house in Illinois so we had to keep most of our stuff there to make it look lived in. That means the book cases needed to be full :( Luckily before I left I gave in to the urge to take pictures of these beauts so here they are! I kept them in alphabetical order by author, but decided to switch it up and do it by favorites/genre/series (that sounds much more complicated typed out then it really is). 

The left book case in the first picture is my favorite fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal series, and it goes on from there on the book case to the right, leading to the stand alone books. 

These are the new book shelves my mom added a couple months before we moved. These feature some more paranormal books in the top left sections, and then leads to the contemporary's/dramas. The bottom shelf are my favorites. 

Finally, this the bookcase my grandma and I just put together today. As you can see, I have some shopping to do ;)

What're some books I should get?

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