Bookish confessions!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

So, over at A Perfection Called Books, Rachel did a post on her blogging and bookish mistakes. It got me thinking of all of my mistakes and quirks, and I decided "what the hay?" CONFESSION TIME!

- When I first started blogging, I had no idea what an ARC was.
- I could give two shits if my book gets a little beat up, and think that people who freak out over the smallest tear or it falling to the floor really need to chill out.
- My initial reviews on this blog are HORRENDOUS and I apologize to anyone that's read them. I'm tempted sometimes to rewrite them, but that would take too long. And my Queen of Shadows review is an absolute hot mess, simply because my fangirl ripped itself from my heart and stomped all over the keyboard. I don't think I even make any points, I just... blab. Everywhere. *cringes*
- I'm actually pretty proud of how I write reviews now! Especially my most recent one, Glass Sword. It was a good mix of professional and fangirl.
- I want to punch anyone that says that people who color coordinate their shelves are not "readers". Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and tell me what the actual definition of a "reader" is, and then tell me how that relates to what your shelves look like. Hmm? HMM?
- I didn't tell any of my friends from Chicago that I had a blog, or an Instagram, for the longest time. I honestly was a little nervous too, since they weren't super big into me reading, and I was worried that they would make fun of me for it. But they've been surprisingly supportive of it, and always comment on how amazing my Instagram pictures are.
- I despise open endings, and think it's an easy way out for an author to wrap up their story without pissing people off on who the girl picks or what the character decides to do. It's ridiculous, I know, but that's the dark thought that sneaks into my head whenever I read one.
- I'm ridiculously protective of Chaol from the Throne of Glass series and STRUGGLE NOT TO BITE SOMEONES HEAD OFF WHEN THEY TALK SHIT ABOUT HIM. OR SAY ROWAN WAS ABUSIVE IN HEIR OF FIRE.
- Not only will Chaolaena be written on my gravestone, but so will Alarkling and Nikolina. I'm not sure if that's the correct ship name for the latter, but you can bet your ass Malina will definitely not be on there.
- Nikolai Lantsov is quite possibly the greatest character to ever exist
- I'm horrifically hopeless at web designing and coding. You'll notice that if you click on the Facebook link to the right, it leads to my Tumblr. And my twitter apparently doesn't exist. But I'm too broke to pay the $15 to have that fixed.
- Whenever someone emails me asking to review their book or do a guest post, and I have no interest, I'll ignore the email and act like it doesn't exist. I hate rejecting people and feel extremely awkward about it. I'm terrible at adulting.
- I've been pronouncing bibliophile wrong my entire life. Instead of bib-lio-file, I've been saying bib-lio-feel. OOPS.

And there you have it! I'll probably make a part 2 in the future, because I know I've left some things out. What're your bookish confessions or mistakes? What ship will you have written on your gravestone?


  1. I just checked out your Glass Sword review, and yess I'm in love with that review - you're totally right - great mix of professionalism and fangirl! But yeah, I totally get what you mean with the initial reviews being a mess - mine were pretty horrible hahahahahahah xD Longwinded, and something that maybe nobody would ever willingly read ahaha :')
    I DESPISE OPEN ENDINGS TOO - I dunno if you've read Eleanor and Park - BUT I HATED THAT ENDING - the rest of the book was alright, but that ending was just TOO OPEN FOR ME
    It's so awesome how supportive your friends are too :)
    I'm the same with coding tbh - I just spend so long configuring my pages so that they work xD Ashley @ Nosegraze has some awesome tutorials if you're interested (I think...?)
    Anyway - awesome post haha, I related so much! :D
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    1. I did read Eleanor and Park! I didn't really like the book overall, and the open ending was just the cherry on top . Like, OF COURSE it was a mysterious open ending. Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing this and am glad some of it is relatable :)


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