Down to You by M. Leighton

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Down to You by M. Leighton
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Date: September 21st, 2012
Pages: 275
Song I Played While Reading: Gecko (Overdrive) by Oliver Heldens
Rating: 2.5 stars

   When college student Olivia Townsend returned home to help her father run his business, she never imagined a complication like Cash and Nash Davenport- twin brothers different in so many ways but with one thing in common: an uncontrollable desire for Olivia.
   Cash is dangerous, sexy, and bad to the bone- a man whose kisses make Olivia forget she is playing with fire. Nash is successful, reliable and intensely passionate- and already taken. But all it takes is one soft stroke to make Olivia forget he belongs to someone else.
   However, Olivia is in for a surprise. These boys have a secret hat should make her run way as far and as fast she can. If only it wasn't too late. A sensual game between three players has begun, and it's about to spin deliciously out of control. 

Sue me, but I'm a sucker for a love triangle. People are so "Oh my god, ANOTHER love triangle??" and I'm over in the corner squealing with joy. There's nothing that makes me laugh harder, or swoon faster, then two guys fighting over a girl.
Obviously, if it's done in a crappy/corny way, I won't like it. But I hate when people initially judge a book because it features a love triangle.
But a love triangle between brothers?? Oh man. Talk about tension. 
But that's where this book severely lacked. There were lots of issues I had with this book, which can mostly be summed up with me saying that there was something missing, something emotionally, so I wasn't able to connect with the characters. I wasn't overly crazy for any of the sex scenes, nor did I laugh a lot at the banter. It was all so... mundane.
BUT. Even with that all said, I could not get this story out of my head. I had to run some errands today, and the entire time I was thinking of Olivia, Cash, and Nash. It's like my brain was trying to dredge up some emotion in me, making the book seem better than it actually was, so I was more excited to read it than to actually be reading it. Does that make sense?
I also kind of had a guess as to what the secret was, so it wasn't that big of a shocker to me. I could see where Leighton tried to make it as shocking as possible, but honestly, even if I hadn't had an inkling as to what it was, that shit is completely unrealistic. I know this is fiction, BUT STILL. There's things that can happen in a fiction novel that can realistically occur in real life, and then there is stuff like this that just can't. Nope. Sorry.

"I want to paper-cut her. On every square inch of her body. And then roll her in saltwater."

""So this has nothing to do with a guy?"
I pause.
"Aha! I knew it! Penis problems."
"Well, it seems that the cause of some of my problems happen to have a penis. Well, two actually."
"Oh, sweet Mary! You're dating a guy with two dicks?"
"Ginger, no! It's about two different guys."
"Oh," she said, obviously disappointed. "Damn. That woulda been kinda cool."
"How so?"
"I don't know. One for each hole?"
"You're sick, you know that?"
"Yeah, pretty much."

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