Top Ten Favorite Heroines

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This meme is hosted by the lovely ladies at the Broke and the Bookish.

1. Rose Hathaway
I grew up with Rose and I can't even tell you how many times I wished I could be as funny, lethal, and beautiful as she is.

“He has no right to threaten my boyfriends. I'm eighteen. An adult. I don't need his help. I can threaten my boyfriends myself.” 

2. Celaena Sardothien
My newest obsession, she's up there with Rose. She was amazing before she went through all those changes in Heir of Fire, so I'm already becoming emotionally unstable when I think of how she'll be in Queen of Shadows.

“My name is Celaena Sardothien. But it makes no difference if my name's Celaena or Lillian or Bitch, because I'd still beat you, no matter what you call me."

3. Katy Swartz
A fellow bookbloger/ youtuber, she loves to read. Which was enough for me, but she can also kick your ass and blast you into outer space. What's not to admire?

“Will you show me what you really look like? You don't sparkle, do you?”

4. Sydney Sage
Prior to certain magical events that occurred in Bloodlines, Sydney relied wholly on her wits to help her in any situation. And honestly that was enough for me. She's brilliant, calm, has a dry sense of humor, and is a good girl. Everyone needs one of those on their side every once in a while

“Any life worth living is going to have risks.”

5. Cody Reynolds
The grittiest and realist person I've ever read about, I fell in love with Cody immediately. We both have the same attitude and twisted sense of humor.

“I can keep picking small fights, or brave the big one. 
Time to screw my courage. Or go down trying” 

6. Tessa Gray
Another fellow booklover, Tessa is the sweetest person I've ever read about. She's quieter then some of the other heroines, but every once in a while (or if provoked by a certain hottie) she can be feisty and cheeky

“Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.” 

7. Juliette Ferrars (Ignite Me version)
I've never been more proud of a character and her mental and physical development than I have with Juliette Ferrars. She did a complete 180 and it was amazing. She's more reserved and quiet but don't let that fool you. She can turn into a bulletproof Hulk.

“I've finally gotten to a point in my life where I'm not afraid to speak. Where my shadow no longer haunts me. And I don't want to lose that freedom--not again. I can't go backward. I'd rather be shot dead screaming for justice than die alone in a prison of my own making.”

8. Clary Fray
I've had a kinship with Clary because she's a fellow shortie. Few badass heroines are these days, so its nice getting a little shoutout from Clare. Plus she had to deal with Jace, and any person that can do that and not kill him is a goddess in my eyes. She's incredibly stubborn and sarcastic, but willing to do anything for the people she loves.

“Is this the part where you say if I hurt her, you'll kill me?"
"No" Simon said, "If you hurt Clary she's quite capable of killing you herself. Possibly with a variety of weapons.” 

9. Cassie Sullivan
I'll admire any person that can keep their shit together when the world is being overrun by aliens and you think you're the last person alive. And you manage to have a wicked sense of humor too. Cassie is awesome.

“That’s the cost. That’s the price. Get ready, because when you crush the humanity out of humans, you’re left with humans with no humanity.
In other words,  you get what you pay for, motherfucker." 

10. Meira No Last Name
I didn't even realize we didn't get Meira's last name in Snow Like Ashes until I saw it on Goodreads. Meira is a badass bitch who enjoys kicking ass and throwing her chakram around, but isn't against dressing up in pretty dresses every now and then. She has faith in herself and her abilities and I just love that about her (plus she's got white blonde hair and thats only my dream hair color).

“No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me. I will always be me.” 

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  1. Qual é o livro numero 10? O da Meira No Last Name. Não consegui achar o livro. Fiquei curiosa pela personalidade dela que você descreveu.